About Smart Field Support 

The application is built around an “Area”. This can be an object, a specific installation or a machine.

Scenes are built within the Area and various points of interest (POI) can be set within the Scenes to extract their information from other sources.


Area: Generator set

Scene 1: front
POI 1: Youtube link to a video of real operation
POI 2: Technical specifications
POI 3: Possible configurations
POI 4: Temperature and Running hours
POI 5: Explanation of the most common control settings

Scene 2: Water treatment unit
POI 1: see-through steel panels inside the unit
POI 2: Instructions to operate
POI 3: Alarms

The Scenes are designed in close cooperation with our customer. A TechBinder engineer will help our customer to make sure the application, photos and procedures are set up correctly. For content, the customer can provide everything that needs to be visualized. If extra content needs to be provided, we can deliver them for you by ourselves or via a partner. This way we can enclose professional videos or 3D models of the object.

In the field

The application recognizes which scene must be loaded based on its unique features. Should installations look alike we can apply a QR code for direct recognition of the right installation. When the installation is recognized the pre-set information will be shown immediately. The operator can open and close POI’s to select the information he needs to perform his task safely and efficiently. It is as well possible to set up thresholds that trigger alarms. This way we keep situational awareness top priority. A trigger can as well be a specific procedure. So if you get an error code or hit a specific threshold the operator can start immediately with the procedure that belongs to that threshold.

The technology comes from Schneider Electric and is based on the EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor application. TechBinder is their partner to build and deliver the functional application. Schneider Electric continues to invest in this application and new functionalities are added constantly. The application is part of the EcoStruxure Family. That means it is part of the largest open IOT platform in the world and will run on any other existing installed base.