About the team

Smart Field Support is an application brought to market by TechBinder and is designed to help field operators work more effectively and safely. This way we allow our customers to capture the knowledge of their most experienced workers and transfer that to new employees in an efficient way.

The TechBinder team has a mix of industry and engineering knowledge. By harvesting functionality from different new and existing technologies, TechBinder innovates on functionality. While the technology originates from different technology providers the TechBinder team keeps developing the application to bring more functionality in one application. Smart Field Support is developed with the close help of our customers, students, the market and our engineers. We are always on the lookout of your feedback and ideas so please feel free to contact us.

Bram van den Boom

Technology is at the core of all current developments. Together we can achieve better results. It is my personal goal to help our customers make that step towards a more effective, safe & efficient operation. I’m extra motivated to let technology contribute to drastically scale down our carbon footprint. A project that is helping this cause will always get my attention. 

Aldwin Schroot

Over the course of my career I have always had an interest in Technology. After years of experience working in the maritime industry it is clear that the need for technology is growing fast. Looking at the projects I have worked on I think that the effect of well implemented new technology is underestimated by most business owners. Taking your business challenges and transforming them to the right technical solution is what drives me.